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Evidence Based Decision Making

We believe the true strength of A.I. is in its potential to transform a business, not just give it a competitive edge. It’s not about just having a good model that can predict better but having Insightai can change the way your business takes decisions, as it creates a scientific base for the decision process. 

Insightai is part of Quantum Four Analytics LLP. .

Quantum Four is an Analytics company which specializes in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Big Data Computing.

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The new world order
With the core ability of prediction and forecasting, more informed decisions can be made. People in the organization can start depending more on evidence-based decision making and less on belief or speculative decisions. 


Parnil Mhatre

Parnil, is amongst the finest professionals belonging to the first generation of highly trained AI experts operating out of India – having specialized in Neural Computation, Genetic algorithms and Natural language processing for the last 14 years. 


A passionate advocate for integrating scientific advancements in AI to real world challenges, his vision is to develop Quantum Four into  one of  the most advanced Artificial  Intelligence Labs in the world.


Parnil has masters’ degrees from the renowned UCL, University of Edinburgh and Harriot Watt, UK.

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