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  • How AI is different than BI ?
    Business Intelligence is a tool for representation or reporting of the facts. In business, you need to know beforehand what is important in order to have effective BI. AI is a completely different way of looking at data, here you do not have to know the underlying rule set that governs this data. Which means, that your decisions are not constrained by any rule sets you apply. This has three advantages, one - in today’s world, this rule sets are extremely complex and in many cases, cannot be defined and secondly when you are a business owner is looking at data, you do not have any human bias to affect your decision, so your decision is completely evidence based and third, the system is completely automated. In other words, B.I. is more of a tool to for decisions based on known unknown, you have to know the underlying rules to benefit from data. Whereas, A.I. simply figures out these rules themselves and gives you not only better understanding of current situation but gives you idea about the possible future as well.
  • What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I) ?
    Artificial Intelligence is a branch of science and technology that helps you learn from the past to better predict the future. Very simply AI algorithms, recognize patterns or a trend in data, just the same way any human with expertise would know intrinsically the nature of data, AI algorithms are focused on finding the same patterns mathematically. For examples, in a customer facing business, based on past customer data you can predict, What products current customers are going to like? What new customers may like? And so on…
  • When should you use A.I.?
    You should use A.I. throughout the journey of your business and in almost every function of your business. In spite of popular myths that AI can only be used with large sets of data, the truth is A.I. can be effectively used even when there is less amount of data. In fact, in some use cases such as e-commerce, during the early stages of business it is extremely important to make use of all the available data points could help recommend relevant products to the relevant customers, cross sell and upsell.
  • For which industry Insight AI © is relevant?
    Absolutely any industry that has customer-based data points can benefit from Insight AI. Examples are e-commerce, healthcare, fintech, reward programs, travel, matrimonial sites, entertainment services, basically if there is consumer data available, Insight AI can help get deep insights from it. Further, Insight AI is Big data capable hence even large-scale customer data sets can be addressed efficiently.
  • What does Insight AI © do?
    Insight AI© an Artificial Intelligence Enterprise Solution powered by Quantum Four Analytics which helps your business for customer behavior predictions, behavior mapping, identifying flow of customer interest and plethora of other business insights. It empowers organizations to make informed strategies and evidence-based decisions through highly intuitive and interactive visualizations using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.
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